Sometimes as we walk with the Lord, we enter times of confusion and disillusionment. We receive a word from the Lord to get involved in some aspect of His work on earth and we jump into it with vigor and passion. The early days of a new ministry or business or relationship are exciting and we are carried along on the winds of hope and vision.

However, at some point on every journey, God pulls back the blessing and allows us to seemingly walk alone. In these lonely and challenging times, Satan loves to jump all over us.

He comes along and asks us,
“Did God really call you to this?”
“Do you really believe in this cause?”
“Wouldn’t it be easier if you had stayed with the more humanly possible mission?”

He then says things like,
“You just need to take a break.”
“Why are you even trying to make such a big difference?”
“The world is too far gone!”
“Is all this sacrifice really worth it?”
”People don’t even care.”

At this point, many of us turn our prayer sessions into times of begging for help and relief. By this time in our journey, we’re far from the superior man or woman of faith we used to think we were and now we’re like a little child crying out for help from a parent.

It’s at this point, that God can really begin to move in our life.

There are four things we must do or remember if we are going to see God’s work through to completion in our lives.

First, we must stick with what we know.

Take some time to remember the circumstances that got you into this effort. Go back and relive the day or time period when God spoke so boldly. Read from your journal the things you were writing when God was giving you the vision and the call you are now involved in and do not make a change until God speaks boldly again! Stick with what you know!

Second, as God reminds you of the certainty of your call, surrender afresh and anew to fulfilling this call.

When we started on this journey of faith we were willing to pay any price. But now, we don’t know. It’s painful and difficult; we remember the “food in Egypt” and we’re thinking about finding an easier path.

Third, remember that God is using this process to mold you into the image of Jesus.

We rarely grow deeper in our walk with Christ when life is easy and success is everywhere. As much as we all long for a life of ease, it would be terribly unproductive if God fulfilled this longing.

Fourth, never forget that spiritual fruit and blessing only come when we stay on mission with God.

So many Christians have stopped right on the brink of victory. The Hebrews made it to the edge of the promise land and refused to obey the Lord. Their fear and disobedience cost them everything. Many of them were killed immediately and many more were made to wander for 40 years in the wilderness without ever reaching the dreamland God had for them.

Perhaps today finds your passion running low and Satan bombarding you with doubts and fears. Maybe you have written your resignation letter a thousand times in your mind. Perhaps you’ve lost your confidence and wonder if your best days are behind you. Listen up! God is with you. Even in your weakest moment He will not walk away. Don’t try to pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Rest in what you know and wait on Him to move. He will show up right on time.