Recently, our youngest daughter Heidi and her classmates celebrated their achievements over the last 13 years at their Junior/Senior banquet. Wow! This is a big deal! My wife stayed up till almost 2:30 in the morning putting the finishing touches on Heidi’s beautiful gown. In just a few weeks, Heidi will march in with her fellow seniors and receive a diploma for all the hard work she has invested in her education.

Since Heidi is our last child to experience these closing events of high school, my mind has been drawn to think about whether or not all the time, energy and money we have invested in her Christian education has been worth it. From our two daughters first moments of life, Michele and I determined that our ultimate goal would be to make sure that our girls would know, love and serve Jesus. We seriously contemplated at one point putting them in a non-Christian school but decided that if we were gong to achieve our goal, we should probably place them in an educational setting where the teachers were Christians and the education was distinctly Christian in perspective. Was it worth it? Oh yes!

Even though we would never place a label of perfect or near perfect on our daughters, we are so grateful that both of them love Christ with all their hearts and both of them possess a thoroughly Christian view of life. Our oldest daughter Julianna is in college studying to be a missionary and Heidi is excited about attending a Christian college where she will discover God’s plan for her life. Now that our daughters have completed this leg of their journey, it is my passion and the passion of Renewanation to help thousands of parents understand the important role education plays in determining the future of their children. As Dr. Glen Schultz likes to say, “Whoever wants the next generation the most, gets them!”