This past Friday, I once again had the privilege to speak to several hundred Christian school teachers and administrators. I always tell these groups they are doing a heroic work. Every child who receives a Christian/biblical worldview as a result of their teaching will grow up to be salt and light in this decaying and darkened world.

One teacher wrote me after the speech and said, “I love my job as preschool and aftercare director, but I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed because there is so much I want to implement and change. I needed what I heard today, and I appreciate you being a willing vessel for God to use.”

Christian school and Christian homeschool educators all sacrifice in a very significant way. Most of them sacrifice financially. Many work in buildings that are older and less than ideal. Many work longer hours to compensate for a lack of resources. However, most of them work with a sense of joy and passion. They are called to give children a uniquely Christian worldview education, and they understand the impact they are having is deep and eternal. This group deserves our gratitude and honor.

I also want to honor Christian teachers who are called to work in non-Christian schools. They truly are missionaries in a world where they can no longer verbalize the gospel. Often, they know more truth than they are allowed to share, and their spirit is troubled by this fact. We need to pray for every Christian teacher, and we need to let them know how much we appreciate the great work they are doing. Christian teachers are on the frontlines of the battle to pass on our Christian heritage to this generation.