“Inspiring. Passionate. Visionary.”

Over the last 20 years, Jeff has been privileged to pastor two thriving churches as well as start numbers of new churches and ministries. He has also spoken for numerous camps, retreats and revivals. Jeff’s preaching and speaking are seasoned by his depth and breadth of ministry experience.

Jeff is a passionate and effective communicator who leaves you no doubt where he stands. At the same time, his heartwarming stories of new converts and transformed lives, from all walks of life, leave you hungry to go out and love someone in your world to Jesus.

Jeff has just released his first book entitled The Life of Radical Faith. He will encourage you to sell out to Jesus like never before.

As a result of hosting an annual family month every year, during his time as a pastor, Jeff has a wealth of material designed to strengthen the family.

In many settings where Jeff speaks, he will take one session and share the vision of RENEWANATION. This movement is beginning to impact kids all across America.

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• Deeper Life Weekend
• Challenge to Teens & College Students
• Revitalizing the Local Church
• Renewing the Family
• RENEWANATION Presentation
• Christian Fundraising Event

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Jeff, thank you for your wonderful messages at Ohio Christian University revival services. You absolutely said what many of the students needed to hear. You were also skilled and anointed in your delivery, thus increasing the message’s impact. Well done!” – Hank Kelly – Provost, Ohio Christian University

Every message was relevant! Jeff connected with people of all ages and backgrounds and had a major impact on our church!” – Pastor Tim Linick, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“As a former camp meeting president and now senior pastor of a local church, I take very seriously my responsibility of identifying preacher/communicators who can relate multi-generationally, while holding high the Word of God. Jeff Keaton is near the top of my list. Within minutes of knowing Jeff, I knew God had sent us one of His best evangelistic preachers.  Jeff shines brightly, and preaches the Word faithfully wherever God opens doors for him in our century.” – Dr. Eldred Kelley, Senior Pastor, Light and Life Free Methodist Church, Lakeland, Florida

“Like many historical visionaries and leaders seeking to shape society and change the world, Jeff Keaton understands that if we are going to change society to view the world from a biblical perspective and change lives for the kingdom, then the proven process is the education and discipleship of children. In my role of promoting the critical need for Biblical Worldview-Shaping in Christian education, Jeff has been a tremendous blessing and powerful ally. God has gifted Jeff with an impressive heritage, amazing life experiences, great leadership skills, a powerful message, and the ability to effectively communicate. Jeff is a regular speaker for the Precept Group as well as a personal trusted advisor. Whether communicating one-on-one or to an audience of thousands, God is using Jeff to change lives and give Christian leaders a vision for being decidedly Christian in educating young people.” – Brian Denlinger, Vice President, Precept Group

Jeff Keaton OCS banq 2012-retouched - CroppedInspiring. Passionate. Visionary. God-ordained. These are just a few words that I use to describe Jeff Keaton, who spoke at our first-ever benefit banquet promoting Christian education in the Kansas City area. With parents, alumni, supporters, and fellow Christian school administrators in attendance that evening, it is doubtful that anyone left without being moved by his message. I’m looking forward to hearing him again!” – Chad Pollard, Overland Christian Schools

EastLake Community Church has been blessed by Pastor Jeff’s ministry. In services for RENEWANATION and in general preaching, he is always anointed and has a fresh and powerful word from God.” – Pastor Troy Keaton, EastLake Community Church

Our revival was phenomenal! God moved mightily throughout our congregation. People not only dedicated their lives to Christ, but were re-committed, re-established, re-kindled and re-ignited! The weeks that followed were filled with conversations and personal convictions pertaining to the contents of the revival messages. God has placed His hand upon Pastor Jeff and his ministry, and we are very grateful for both his willingness and obedience to speak God’s truth to our congregation. 

Pastor Jeff also spoke at our function to raise awareness of Christian education. Since then we have experienced the largest number of students ever pre-registered to our school. There has been excitement, drive and renewed passion within our staff and an outpouring of parental involvement and backing. I wholeheartedly suggest you get in touch with RENEWANATION and see what blessings God has in store for you.” – Pastor Jason Diaz, Coshocton Christian Tabernacle & Coshocton Christian School

I want to thank you again for a wonderful event. I have heard nothing but great reports. The annual fund commitments received were double anything that we have received in the past. You truly inspired the crowd. There is a new energy present today. Thanks for a great evening and we look forward to working with you and RENEWANATION in the future.” – Allan Edgar – Head of School, Emmanuel Christian School