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A successful pastor, church and school planter, and ministry entrepreneur, Jeff Keaton has spent his adult life believing that through Christ anything is possible. As the founder and CEO of Renewanation, Jeff now works across the United States and Canada to help awaken the church to the great need to give every child a biblical worldview. Renewanation works to promote, support, and expand the cause of Christian worldview education. Jeff is married to his high school sweetheart, Michele, and has two daughters and a son-in-law: Julianna, Andrew, and Heidi. He is the author of The Life of Radical Faith. Visit his website at

Jeff Keaton’s Biography

Jeff Keaton was born in 1967 into a large ministry family. Jeff ’s father, Dr. James Keaton, Sr., served as a pastor, college president, evangelist and world mission leader. Jeff was born the fourth of nine children. Eight of the nine Keaton kids are now serving in full-time Christian service. His youngest brother is a member of the US Military and his sister Kimberly is the matriarch of “The Collingsworth Family.” Jeff and his wife Michele celebrated their 29th anniversary in 2016. Their oldest daughter, Julianna, is a senior in college, preparing to be a missionary. Their youngest daughter, Heidi, is a freshman in college. Over the last 20 years, Jeff has invested his life in pastoring churches in Hollywood, FL and Roanoke, VA. During his time at Parkway House of Prayer in Roanoke, VA, God gave Jeff the opportunity to start a Christian school, Parkway Christian Academy, as well as plant several new churches. The school has grown to be the largest Christian school in the Roanoke area and the churches Jeff pastored or planted in VA grew to more than 1,200 in weekly worship. In 2007, God spoke the vision of RENEWANATION into Jeff ’s heart and mind. He believes he will spend the rest of his life promoting this vision so that someday every child will have the opportunity to receive a Christian worldview education. Jeff recently authored a book entitled The Life of Radical Faith. Jeff points back to February 11, 1990 as the day when he fully surrendered his life to Christ. Before this day, he was a committed “Christian” on the outside, but on this day, the Holy Spirit gained full control. He is most passionate about leading men and women to Jesus, seeing believers sell out 100% to Christ and giving children a thoroughly Christian worldview. Visit his website at

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