It has dawned on me lately just how powerful the pack mentality is among people. My theory goes something like this: If the majority of people have accepted something as okay or normal, the rest of us just assume it must be right without any serious examination or evaluation.

In our current culture a great example of this is the issue of homosexuality. It has literally become a cardinal sin to stand in any way against the sin of the homosexual lifestyle. As I always say when I address this subject, I love every professed homosexual as much as I love every other person. I am not a hater. My life has proven my compassion and care for each person I have come in contact with, no matter their lifestyle. However, I have noticed that one of the most protected and celebrated lifestyles these days is the homosexual lifestyle. From ESPN to any other media outlet, we hear great celebration each time a person declares their alternate lifestyle. Our kids in school are being taught that this lifestyle is normal and should be explored and celebrated. Suddenly, in a short time, what used to be considered sinful and wrong is now seen as a positive and productive choice.

This shift in opinion is not only being seen outside the Church. We are rapidly moving away from biblical norms on this issue inside the Church. Since a majority has now accepted this lifestyle as normal and right, the Church is quickly following the pack. Is this because we have suddenly discovered new truth in the Scriptures? Is it because the Scriptures are unclear on this matter? I have often struggled with issues being clearly spelled out in Scripture but this is not one of them. The Bible is crystal clear in a number of places on this issue. So, why are so many in the Church changing their beliefs on the issue of homosexuality?

First, I see a real shift in people’s view of biblical authority. The secular training our kids have been receiving for decades has eroded confidence in the Word of God. This erosion lives in the hearts and minds of many Christians and church leaders. Even though they give lip service to biblical authority, in their heart of hearts, many doubt whether or not the Bible is the absolute standard of truth.

Second, I think the American church has a great desire to be accepted by the world. Many of us grew up in Christian subcultures and we don’t like the feeling of being different from everyone else. Most of us hate to be the odd man out. We greatly dislike being disliked! We want the approval of people and yet I read the words of Jesus,

“If they hated me they will hate you. If anyone wants to be my disciple they must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me. If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father in heaven.”

Let me just say it! As Christians we will never be fully accepted by the sinful world we live in, nor should we expect to be. 

Jesus is offensive to a world that has rejected Him as their only hope for heaven. The Bible is utterly narrow and offensive to people who do not believe it is the Word of God and who want to do their own thing. We will never be in the majority in this world and as soon as we think we are, we have probably ceased to be the salt and light of the world.

Don’t be afraid! Don’t surrender to the pack! Stand tall in love and allow God to use you in this challenging day.

In case you wonder if I’m overstating the case on the pack’s acceptance of the homosexual agenda, read this article.

In upcoming blogs, I will address a few other issues in which we have surrendered to the pack.